About Us

Our Vision

We believe we owe our success to our determination to deliver and our philosophy that nothing is too hard! Our aim is for our customers to always trust that whatever the problem, we will find a solution…
…and it will look good!

Frame Care is a small family owned business and like so many others, it all started in a small back room in a rented house. Back then Lene or “Lena” was working as an optical dispenser, but failed to find an optical lab anywhere in Australia that could repair a Titanium frame. 

From Europe we had knowledge of technology that could do just that, but found no-one in the optical industry were in possession of such equipment. With Per or “Peter” having a degree in engineering, it was only natural for us to pursue this business opportunity.

This is how Titanium frame repairs came to Australia and since June 2002 Frame Care has grown steadily and we continuously expand our services thanks to all our brilliant staff.

Because time is always of the essence, our daily goal is that all jobs leave our work shop the same day they arrive. To further minimize the time your customers are without their glasses, all jobs are returned via Toll couriers or Express post.

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Our Team

Per Andersen

Co-owner and THE BOSS with a background in engineering.

Lene Andersen

Co-owner with a background in optometry.

Annette Mashford

Annette Mashford

Annette is in charge of making records of the condition of every job received prior to commencing repair work. And she does the shopping....and get's us doughnuts.

Scott Fluker

Welder with a background in …plumbing?!? and radio controlled cars.

David Lawrence

Welder and Paint specialist with experince in jewelerry, graphics and painting.

Doone Bertrand

Doone Bertrand

Doone does a great job on the tech tools, perhaps due to her background in Podiatry!? Always good for a news update, or some medical advice.....

Kylie Lange

FC-Technician and Painter with a background in the optical industry.

Kylie McCurry

FC-Technician with a background in the optical industry.

Rachelle Torso

Rachelle Torso

Admin wizard, has a background in journalism and by now, she can do any task within the workshop.

Kiralee Telford

Kiralee Telford

Frame Care technician with a background as an optical dispenser

Tim Marsh

Tim has a dispensing background and is blessed with a notorious eye for detail!

Shawn Rawlings

Shawn has bounced back after a small adventure down south. Soon mastering shell welds and also our go-to maintenance guy.

Lee-Ann Gifkins

Lee Ann Gifkins

Lee-Ann is quality checking and packing all jobs before they leave the workshop. Always happy and having a good day - how do you do it, Lee-Ann?

Graeme Elkins

Graeme Elkins

Technician with a background in showbiz and an accomplished guitar repairer. Happily singing though the day - always with a smile on his face!